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LOEWE PERFUMES. How to trust Augmented Reality to generate more customer engagement

Updated: May 16

The perfumery vertical of the LOEWE brand trusted us to create a greater bond with its fans and customers.

Taking advantage of the “rebranding” of the brand, we created a roadmap of experiences that constituted an authentic annual campaign of communication, marketing and product promotion actions.

We act in various areas, both in product packaging, at the point of sale or in communication campaigns such as Mother's Day.

Part by part. The project was carried out jointly with the Naranjo-Etxeberría agency, who provided the design of the campaigns from the point of view of “story-telling”, with Visualife being in charge of translating their wishes into the world of Augmented Reality.

Most of the actions revolved around an App dedicated to the brand. An App whose objective was to last over time and not only be a tool for sellers. An App (which can be perfectly replaced by a landing page or website) that creates brand image and builds user loyalty.

The sections that were finally published were the following:

  1. Fragrance recommender: using a 3D quiz, users answered a series of questions (in tree format) that led them to the recommendation of one of the perfumes in the range that appeared on the screen. Once this recommendation has been received, the user will be able to purchase it in the online store through a link.

  2. The Flowers of Karl Blossfeldt: This section details the reason for the rebranding using the works of art of the innovative 19th-century German photographer who helped transmit LOEWE's values by providing a differentiating element to the packaging of its fragrances. In the last section of the App experience, you can also download all the flower designs as wallpapers , for lovers of beauty.

  3. Advertising campaign: this section shows both the campaign spot and the making of it. Filmed in the iconic natural environment of the southern coast of Tenerife, it is timeless, different, fun and above all intimate, allowing the emotions of the human being to be shown naked. LOEWE becomes artistic curator and pays tribute to Karl Blossfeldt through skin, interpreted by Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

  4. AR Experiences: As the main section we have access to all Augmented Reality experiences.

  5. Discover the bottle inside: This section allows the app user to focus on the packaging and see the perfume bottle in 3D without having to open it. Simply spectacular and perfect to initiate the purchase.

  6. Observe Karl Blossfeldt's flowers in motion: By focusing on the packaging with your mobile phone, you can see the flowers in motion using augmented reality. While this action is taking place, the user has the possibility of purchasing the fragrance, through a link to the online perfume store.

  7. Discover the campaign: the possibility of watching the videos of the advertising campaign focusing on marker images of the flowers. Fans of the brand love to see the details of the filming and “making of”.

  8. The bodies in Minkkinen's photographic campaign also take video from the App in an impressive augmented reality exercise.

All of these experiences could be carried out at various stages of the “customer journey” from brand awareness to customer loyalty once the perfume bottle was purchased. Augmented Reality allows us to reach the consumer in a more direct, impactful and realistic way, offering a truly captivating shopping experience. Ideal for a perfume brand like LOEWE.

In turn, the experiences generate traffic to POS since the AR effects can be reproduced in them, both in the packaging and in the OTC and the campaign posters.

Finally, from the App, or failing that, the website, the different CTAs take us to the online store, therefore they also generate digital traffic.

The LOEWE Perfumes AR Experience Roadmap is the best example of how to integrate the technology of immersive realities into an emotional campaign for this type of product.


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