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3D Product Placement

Your 3D models more real than ever! With the new ARStudio plugin you can easily place any 3D in physical space. Use the Augmented Reality camera to interact with the model and observe its details. The best way for your customer to preview a product before purchasing it! 

Intensify the experience of participants in your virtual events with 3DPP.
Dynamize product presentations. Facilitates distance training.
Make sure you rock virtual sales conventions!


Perfect for displaying virtual prototypes that,
Due to their fragility or excessive dimensions, they are difficult to transport.

Create 3D experiences, where users will be able to view the products in the real space that the original piece would occupy.

Inform about the possibilities and parts of industrial machinery.

Impress with fashion. 
Show the news of the new collections, be able to detail the textures, the colors   and the shapes.

Surprise with decoration items: Place 3D elements in real space to check their ideal location and orientation.

Impact with sports articles

Detail the advantages of household goods and utensils.

Perfect for display virtual prototypes.

If you're looking to integrate immersive reality into your next project or marketing campaign, book a free 15-minute presentation with us to discover how we can transform your vision into a captivating reality.

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