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How to Implement a Good XR Experience Roadmap in a Hotel or Tourist Resort

Extended Reality (XR) has a very clear emotional aspect. Leisure activities that include it elevate their category to a much more powerful level of interest. A clear example is a hotel or tourist resort. Let's see an example of an XR experience roadmap to generate greater customer engagement.

Check-in: While guests wait, we can offer them the opportunity to participate in a simple AR quiz aimed at distracting the customers and, at the same time, offering some welcome gift like a “free drink at the bar” or a 50% discount on spa activities.

Room service: The key card that allows us to open the room is a perfect image marker that can generate an AR scene for various purposes: informing about hotel activities, driving online traffic to the restaurant or other hotel activity reservation websites, showing short video clips with tips on how to make the most of the customer's stay, and many other options.

Interactive restaurant menu: The menu allows us to show AR videos of how the dishes are prepared along with their recipes, the chef's off-menu suggestions, allergens, or pictograms indicating if the dishes are suitable for celiacs, and all information that helps the diner make a decision.

Recreational activities: AR games are the best alternative to create fun activities both inside and outside the hotel. Challenges can be set up showing the different tourist points of interest in the city. It is even possible to geolocate them and launch a different quiz at each place, creating a competition that awards prizes redeemable at the hotel. The possibilities are endless if we consider that we can target children and have them play with 3D elements and mini-games of skill that combine more physical activities within the resort.

Who is who: In vacation resorts or on cruises, many people are interested in making new friends. A great option is AR video messages that can be “attached” to a photo, an image, or simply a specially designed sign. We can make them secret and only viewable with a code that must be obtained, or open to everyone. Another incentive for a fun vacation.

Magic postcards: A custom that has unfortunately been lost. The possibility of sending and receiving messages instantly on mobile phones has left behind the ritual of buying, writing, and sending a postcard from the place where we are vacationing. We can generate AR postcards that include a video message seen by following super easy and effective QR instructions.

Immersive VR experiences: Virtual reality allows us to set up activities that entertain guests, from group games aimed at achieving an objective like “disarming the bomb” to more creative activities like creating virtual sculptures or graffiti on a wall. Mixed reality also helps us show games that interact with the environment in a truly incredible way.

In short, XR activities are still very novel but are accessible to all audiences simply by using a mobile device and can be accessed from any point in the hotel—reception, rooms, dining services, gym, terrace, or garden.


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