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Innovative Travel Retail Campaign

Bringing Personal Touch to Duty-Free Shopping with Zamora Company and Visualife.


Zamora Company, a renowned Spanish firm celebrated for its premium wines and spirits, has always aimed for international recognition. Its standout brands, including Martin Miller's gin, Lolea sangria, and Licor 43, have gained a significant presence both in Spain and globally. In a pioneering move, Zamora Company partnered with VisualifeAR to launch a captivating campaign in the travel retail space.

A New Dimension of Shopping at Duty-Free Stores

The innovative campaign unfolded across Duty-Free stores in Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza airports. The highlight? A unique augmented reality (AR) feature on the labels of Licor 43, Martin Miller's, and Lolea, brought to life through our cutting-edge SNAPS plugin. This technology transformed shopping into an interactive experience, allowing customers to personalize their bottle purchases with dedicated AR video messages – a true "Message in a Bottle."

The App That Personalizes Your Purchase

Our specially developed app facilitated this immersive experience, featuring four key sections:

  • Augmented Reality Action: Here, shoppers could upload and attach personalized video messages to their bottle labels, viewable in AR to add a heartfelt touch to their gifts.

  • Licor 43: Dedicated to the beloved Licor 43 brand, this section provided brand insights and engaging videos.

  • Lolea: Celebrating the vibrant flavors of Lolea sangria, this section included detailed information and promotional videos.

  • Martin Miller's: Focused on the refined tastes of Martin Miller's gin, offering brand stories and video content.

To ensure the campaign's success during its 17-day run, informative flyers were distributed by promoters in stores, guiding customers on how to participate and enhancing their shopping experience. Moreover, the app played a crucial role in lead generation through user registration.

Why This Campaign Stands Out

In a space like Duty-Free, where gifts and personal touches matter, integrating augmented reality to personalize products sets Zamora Company apart. This campaign not only elevated the brand's presence in travel retail but also offered shoppers a novel and memorable way to customize their purchases, making every gift extra special. With Zamora Company and VisualifeAR, travelers discovered a new dimension to Duty-Free shopping, where technology meets tradition in the most personal way.

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ZAMORA Company

If you're looking to integrate immersive reality into your next project or marketing campaign, book a free 15-minute presentation with us to discover how we can transform your vision into a captivating reality.

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