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Tempting Experience:

Innovation and Sustainability in Cosmetics through Augmented Reality

​In the hair cosmetics sector, it is crucial to highlight and communicate a brand's values ​​effectively. With this objective, Tempting Professional, the premium vegan, sustainable and technological range of the Grupo Periche, designed the exclusive Tempting Experience event.

They trusted Visualife to carry out the innovative Augmented Reality experiences that could be experienced, with a clear objective, to transmit the brand values ​​to potential new beauty salons in an interactive and memorable way.

A Carefully Designed Event

The Tempting Experience event was meticulously planned to offer a multi-sensory experience that combined technology, interactivity and sensory activities.


The beautiful space selected for the event, Dreamland in Valencia, helped delve into the brand's natural and vegan philosophy.


From the moment guests entered the event, they were given headsets that allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Autonomous Interaction with Augmented Reality


One of the highlights of the event was the implementation of interactive experiences in Augmented Reality (AR).


Visualife developed six AR experiences, each designed to explain a specific Tempting Professional brand concept.


  1. Ambrosía: introduction to organic infusions. Tasting notes in AR

  2. Ritual de la Mirada: activity with visual mantra

  3. Aroma Ritual: sensory game in which guests had to identify real aromas with images in Augmented Reality.

  4. Innovation: Interaction with 3D products and details about their formulations

  5. Flavor Ritual: Chocolate tasting with tasting notes in AR

  6. Emotion: AR visual map of images and videos

  7. Beauty Signature: AR quiz experience with a clear focus on the beauty triangle



Guests could explore these experiences by scanning QR codes hidden in different rooms, allowing them to interact autonomously, enjoying the moment at their own pace. We also created a landing page that helped unify the different experiences.

Delicatessen Nature 8.jpg

Gamified Experiences and Unique Sensations

Additionally, some AR experiences included gamified activities such as riddles, quizzes, and selectors, which helped communicate product innovation in a playful way. These activities not only made the information more accessible, but also kept guests engaged and entertained.


The event also offered a unique sensory experience through live music, demonstrations and workshops, allowing guests to further immerse themselves in the universe of Tempting Professional. These activities reinforced the brand message and created a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

Brand Impact and Perception

Tempting Experience had a significant impact on brand perception among attendees. The interactive experiences allowed guests to learn in depth the history of Tempting Professional, its three product lines (color, hair care and styling), and the details of its components. The use of 3D models and gamified activities helped communicate product innovation in a clear and attractive way.


Leadership in Innovation and Sustainability


The integration of Augmented Reality provided a technological air to the event, aligning with Tempting Professional's image as a leader in innovation within the hair cosmetics sector. This combination of technology and sustainability reinforced the brand's value proposition, highlighting its commitment to vegan and sustainable cosmetics.


Guest Satisfaction

The guests valued the experience very positively, highlighting the originality and interactivity of the event. The possibility of interacting with the products in 3D and learning in detail about their characteristics, the brand philosophy, along with sensory activities and live music, made the event rewarding and special.

As a final touch, the Tempting Professional team gave their guests a take away in the form of a thank you card with Augmented Reality effects.

An experience worth remembering!

We met Visualife through LinkedIn. We were developing a key event for the company, a brand presentation, in which we had to capture the essence of Tempting. We needed a technologically innovative solution in record time: 15 days. Carlos, Conxi and the entire team gave us their proposal in record time and were fully involved in the project to cover all our needs. It was fantastic to work with such collaborative and decisive professionals, completely open to offering us solutions to each need and very agile both in communication and execution. The result exceeded our expectations.

Victoria Noya - Commercial Director TEMPTING Iberia

If you're looking to integrate immersive reality into your next project or marketing campaign, book a free 15-minute presentation with us to discover how we can transform your vision into a captivating reality.

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