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Louis Vuitton Madrid City Guide

Louis Vuitton sought to improve its connection with the Millennial generation through a fun, social and innovative game. The result could not be more surprising. 

Customer engagement, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Louis Vuitton featured emotionsAR(Visualife) to organize the launch of the Louis Vuitton City Guide Madrid. The challenge was to organize a game with geographically located checkpoints. A game inspired by a combination of "Pokemon Go" + "Jumanji".


The participants, in pairs or individually, had to solve questions about the brand, hidden in different collaborating places.

emotionsAR (Visualife)  created the game, designed the missions, developed an ephemeral app, and measured the action. Louis Vuitton entrusted the communication campaign to TELVA – a Spanish fashion magazine –. Through Social Networks with posts on Facebook and Instagram, more than 2,000 participants in the game were attracted. A complete success!


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