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During the Mother's Day campaign, Loewe's Aire de Fantasía perfume included a gift of a magical greeting or Snap, which allowed you to insert a unique video greeting!

The procedure was very simple. In the case of the person giving the gift, they had to download our App and go to the Loewe channel, once there focus on the card and follow the instructions step by step: Insert the card's unique code, upload the congratulatory video and wait until it had been processed. 

The recipient of the gift only had to focus on the card and enter the code to see the message.

All codes are unique and can only be accessed by people who have one of the cards in their possession; In this way, the privacy of the videos that can only be viewed through our App is guaranteed. The video could be viewed as many times as necessary until the end of the campaign.

A detail that elevates the gift-giving experience to the maximum! This example is ideal for demonstrating one of the practical applications of our AR experiences. Whether for gifts purchased in-store or online, our Snaps plugin makes it possible for a material gift to become a deliciously emotional moment.


If you're looking to integrate immersive reality into your next project or marketing campaign, book a free 15-minute presentation with us to discover how we can transform your vision into a captivating reality.

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