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AR Factory App for BASF Iberia

The company BASF Iberia, a multinational leader in the chemical industry, has a complete App Factory developed by Visualife, to inform its employees and clients of all the latest news and corporate activities.

The BASF Iberia Factory app is divided into 4 sections:


AR Experience: space dedicated to enjoying Augmented Reality experiences, which can be found, for example, in the company's annual report.

Annual report: direct access to the different sections of the report.

News: the latest news from BASF Iberia can be found in this section, which is linked to the chemistry website, to promote online traffic.

Agenda: section to stay up to date with events, fairs, conferences and company activities. Includes access to Google Maps.

The app also has an optional Registration section.

Like all Factory apps, all information is managed in real time through a Web Platform, allowing BASF Iberia itself or its communication agency to update the content at any time.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 13.36.11.png

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