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Gamification of AR Experiences to Increase Foot Traffic to Retail Locations

The retail experience is undergoing a transformation, with innovation and interactivity at its core. Here is where augmented reality (AR) technology becomes your strategic ally. By boosting foot traffic in physical stores, not only do sales opportunities increase, but it also enhances brand awareness among consumers. The gamification of AR experiences is a powerful tool to achieve this.

How does it work? Let us explain.

Gamification in AR piques the curiosity and interest of potential customers. By offering a unique and exciting experience, you capture their attention from the very first moment and invite them to dive into what your store has to offer.

Furthermore, by integrating game elements into the shopping experience, you're encouraging active customer interaction with your products and brand. This not only increases information retention but also creates a deeper and more memorable connection. AR gamification allows you to reward participants with exclusive discounts, coupons, or special prizes. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters long-term loyalty.

Gamified AR experiences are naturally compatible with social media. Encouraging participants to share their achievements and experiences online not only boosts your store’s visibility but also generates user-generated content (UGC) that fuels conversation on social networks.

How can you implement AR gamification in your store to increase traffic and improve customer experience?

We strongly recommend linking the AR experience to an internal event:

  • Launch of a new product,

  • Opening of a new store,

  • Introduction of an ambassador or influencer,

  • Or tie it to a specific day or campaign, such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, the start of a season (back to school, summer campaign, Christmas, Black Friday, or any other significant date that activates the public).

Once the moment is defined, think about the action. Some examples of AR experiences could be:

  1. Treasure Hunt - A virtual treasure hunt that guides participants through different areas of your store, revealing clues and prizes along the way..

  2. Product Scan Game - An augmented reality game based on scanning products, where customers can unlock special offers by interacting with certain items.

  3. Contests or Challenges - Encourage customers to return regularly to your store in search of new experiences and rewards.

Gamifying AR experiences is not only an innovative way to draw more people to your store, but it also offers an opportunity to transform the way your customers interact with your brand.

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